All through Kenya, Coalition Security Services offers a comprehensive range of cross-country transit security services.Throughout departure until timely delivery of the goods, we provide an edge service to protect high-value commodities.

Our Transport Services

High-Value Commodities:

We collaborate with our customers to conduct risk assessments and analyses in order to detect possible threats and create effective measures to counteract them.We can support with itinerary and trip planning to ensure that areas where the vehicle may be lodged are identified and suitable security procedures are in place ahead of time.We may supply a variety of anti-hijacking solutions while the transport is in transit.We can use military or civilian on-board security guards, as well as unmarked or marked escort cars.We can also use GPRS technology to track and oversee travel from a centralized location.

Other Services:

  • Base Security Designs Organizing Final Security Planning from Departure to Desired location
  • Management of logistics and travel planning from beginning to end.
  • Guarding en route
  • Automobile Surveillance in the Dark
  • CCTV and Access Control Expert Advice
  • Assessment and Treatment for Independent Workers
  • Anti-Hijack and Load Diversion Training Preparation of a Load Inspection for Coordination with Municipal Enforcers

VIP Transportation:

Coalition Security can also transport VIPs in a safe and secure manner.We offer a full range of security transportation services that complement our tight safety and escorting services.We can provide highly skilled drivers and pleasant vehicles for pickup and transportation to short- and long arrangements.

Manned Guard Transportation:

We can provide security professionals for supervised surveillance of high-value packages in the storage facility prior to packing, on board the truck throughout journey, and at the pick – up point once the items have reached at their destination as component of our Transport Security Services.

Remote Supervision:

We can digitally help track large commodities using cutting-edge technologies.At any one time, we can determine the precise position of a car.We also employ cutting-edge devices such as mobile phones to maintain a continuous flow of information across our command center and security convoy employees.

our Security Services crew

Our security personnel are first primarily professionally certified and registered security personnel entitled to perform front-line security tasks at Coalition Security.Specialized training is provided to our close protection and transportation security staff.
We frequently hire ex-military or service persons who have already completed years of necessary qualification and skills.We will always carefully assess the appropriate levels of safety for your transportation needs and carefully select the most trained candidates and crews to complete the job.

We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form below.

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