Residential Security Solutions

Families may rely on our dependable professional home security personnel for ensuring the safety and assurance, as well as safeguarding for their households, possessions, and personal belongings.


Residence with no occupants

Houses that are held uninhabited for extended periods of time are monitored and protected by us.
Vacation homes and luxury villas are examples of this type of property.For vacant properties, we provide a broad variety of residential security solutions.

  • Round in CCTV observation and supervising
  • Providing key holding solutions
  • Watching and quick response to alarms.
  • On-site security or mobile security patrols are available.

Elevated locks, CCTV cameras, and centrally controlled alarm systems are all available for purchase and setup.For burglars searching for a soft target, vacant land and rural vacation houses are particularly appealing.
Coalition Protection can assist you in increasing your security to the point where criminals are deterred enough to move on to a less difficult target.

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Clients in House:

If you require protection in your home, you will require a subtle, inconspicuous program that lets you to go about your daily routine with the least amount of disruption.We already have information and expertise to create a product that will provide a security display that is appropriate for the assessed danger level.

The following are some of the services we offer to customers who live in their own homes:

  • On-site protection or mobile security patrols are available.
  • Personal safety is paramount.
  • Notifications and personalized alarm triggers can be monitored remotely.
  • Entrances and barricades are manned by access control.
  • Patrols around the perimeter are conducted on a regular basis.
  • Transportation and escorting services are provided in a safe and secure manner.
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Residential Security Services Team

Coalition Security provides fully licensed and certified security officers.Our residential security staff are chosen for their extreme confidentiality, integrity, and dependability.Most of our employees have served in the military or in the armed forces.In meeting the demands of our clientele, we can provide both genders security personnel.

We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form below.

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