Our approach

Risk management approach

At CSS, we are very deliberate to give you the best solutions that produce impeccable results,

We will offer your organization a truly customized management structure with dedicated resources..

Our approaches include:

    • Risk assessment - carry out a security audit and evaluate the existing safeguards
    • Risk analysis – identify the possible hazards and analyze your vulnerabilities
    • Risk Control - implement sound safeguards to control, mitigate or eliminate risks
    • Designed a complex integrated security solution i.e., an intelligent mix of manpower and electronic security management systems.
    • Work closely with your organization’s safety team to improve on safety and fire safeguards in order to minimize or eliminate exposure to identified threats
    • Support with first aid – we are privileged to have a RED CROSS partnership with our organization
    • CSS personnel will play a major role in your organization’s environmental health and safety program

Communication equpments

CSS has invested heavily in communication systems and has a communication network covering all Kenya. Due to the different methods of communication, there is considerable resilience in our system, to adequately meet all your requirements. e.g., E- mail system and Cell-phone
All Senior Managers have been provided with cell phones and can be reached on a 24/7 basis, should an urgent need arise. We propose to hook the existing alarm system to our control room through our radio transmitters.
NOTE: The quotation to be given is subject to invitation and surveys of the premises to enable us develop a comprehensive deployment matrix.