mobile patrols

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Using our experience and professional mobile patrol guards, you can be sure that our fully licensed guards will not only act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, but will also provide security beyond their fixed locations, ensuring total security throughout every inch of your premises and business.

Long & Short Contracts

Coalition will give you with short and long-term contracts for regular security or ad hoc loss prevention.

Risk Security Assessments

We undertake free security risk assessments of your facility to determine the best patrol routes, potential entry points, and any security threats that need to be monitored.

Single/ Multi Premises

Coalition can provide a single or many teams to defend all of your facilities, whether they are a single building, a single property, or assets spread across the country. .

Remote Observation

We provide remote surveillance crew supervision to track patrol routes and progress as well as help to on-the-ground security teams.

Static & Mobile Patrols

To give your assets total protection, we make mobile patrols as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with static security, CCTV surveillance, and alarm response.

Real Time Monitoring

We establish and track patrol routes utilizing market security tracking technology, that lets us to modify patrol routes on the go and track security personnel and response times.

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