Industrial Security Guards

With our key keeping and alert reaction security services, you can be assured that your organization is safe.We offer these solutions for companies that want a speedy feedback to alarm calls and immediate access in the event of an emergency.

Our fully qualified security crew is available 24 hours 7 days a year to ensure that your business is secure.Our real-time surveillance and centralized alert response centers enable us to give a quick solution for your facility, and our skilled personnel is ready to handle any alarm situation.

Our construction site security services provide:

Quick Reaction:

Our security guards, mobile sweeps, and virtual surveillance systems enable us to respond quickly to any situation at your site.

Asset Protection:

Our manufacturing security staff significantly minimize the chance of property theft, trespassing, and illicit behavior on your property.

Security is available around the clock:

Our security guards provide safety for your operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can undertake vital roles such as alert answering and key keeping.

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Our Industrial Services

Remote Monitoring

Remote surveillance is typically sufficient to dissuade trespassing and criminal activities on low-risk premises. CCTV systems that are managed from a centralized or in-house site command center considerably reduce trespassing and enable for immediate reaction in the event of an incident. To mitigate the risks associated with empty properties, we can supply you with highly trained online surveillance security officers.

Security Guards

Our security guard services can provide twenty - four - hour year-round safety for medium - to - high risk empty buildings, with two or more security officers, or teams, offering complete security to the premises from one given stationed position inside the facility, or surroundings.Security guards for vacant properties can keep a careful eye on your property, respond fast to intrusion, attempted robbery, or destruction, and fully remove the risk of squatters.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are excellent on bigger unoccupied estates or for countryside residences that need to be patrolled over a broader region. Mobile patrols can cover large regions while offering diligent security to your property thanks to our expert guard duty tracking software and ultimate control center refreshing capabilities. Mobile patrols will operate out of a centralized control booth on the site, ensuring a visible presence that discourages trespassing.

Our security services team

Coalition has extensive knowledge offering manufacturing site security that ensures worker health and safety, as well as location security and asset protection. To assure the greatest level of quality and certification for your facilities, all of our personnel are legally registered.

We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form.

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