For more than twenty years, Coalition has offered a comprehensive range of standing and moving security guard services throughout Kenya.On numerous occasions, we successfully dispatched our highly skilled and experienced squad of security guard dogs and dog handlers as either the most effective solution to a specific security risk, or, in the majority of situations, the most cost-effective alternative for our clientele.

Our concierge security solutions allow you provide the finest impression and value for your organization, from establishing a professional, welcoming front-of-house experience for customers to boosting the security and welfare of personnel.

We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form.


Depending on the client’s security requirements, Coalition Security offers either plain clothed and branded friendly and professional security officers.
Our security guards have all received extensive training.
Customers in our industry need knowledgeable, highly visible security personnel who are also certified in-house to deliver the best customer/resident interaction, and we are always delighted to collaborate with you to guarantee your requirements are satisfied.
We supply vip security officers to companies, hotels, hospitals, and government agencies, and we can cooperate with you to determine the best staff and tasks and duties.

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Concierge and Hospitality industry Protection Advantages

First Impressions:

For your clients, guests, or hoteliers, concierge security is the primary link.
Guests are greeted with a professional front-of-house impression, a gorgeous smile, and guidance from security personnel.

Guest Assistance :

From accompanying guests to offering local information and knowledge to facilities, concierge security provides protection and support to visitors.Your client or visitor’s encounter will be enhanced by concierge security personnel.


Concierge and hotel security personnel can reduce breach and other small offense while also providing reassurance to employees, visitors, and residents of your property by offering a noticeable front-of-house touch.

Our Services

Hotel Security Guards

Hotel security officers are on duty to provide visitors with reassurance as well as a secure front-of-house encounter that eliminates all safety hazards.While boosting visitor happiness, uniformed hotel security can help secure VIP guests and provide all-around facility surveillance and asset protection.

Residential Security for Customers in Stay :

At Coalition, we offer a wide range of security services, including hotel security and more typical concierge services.

Concierge Security Guards:

Concierge security officers provide both a front-of-house and security service.Our elite security team provides a pleasant and competent front of house care, from Surveillance cameras and checks to taking parcels and deliveries and aiding clients.

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