estate security guards

We have a lot of expertise responsible for security for private residences and estates all around Kenya. Security officers, alarm reaction, CCTV surveillance, and access control are some of the services we provide.

Our fully qualified security crew is available 24 hours 7 days a year to ensure that your business is secure.Our real-time surveillance and centralized alert response centers enable us to give a quick solution for your facility, and our skilled personnel is ready to handle any alarm situation.

Why choose Coalition Estate Security Guards?

24/7 Protection

Our estate security staff can defend your properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To provide you peace of mind, rotating teams can encompass all aspects of protection. CCTV surveillance, key handling and warning responding, access control, mobile patrols, and travel security are typical services provided by our staff.

Asset Protection

Estate security guards are a recognizable and powerful obstacle that is made to prevent your asset safe from damage and crime. We offer full-service surveillance and swift response and have vast expertise conducting mobile patrols and stationary protection for large estates and modest private dwellings.

Personal Security

Our personnel are trained to keep an eye on entry points offering complete access control. We can send teams to provide private security for you, your family, and any guests to your home in an unobtrusive manner. Our personnel can keep an eye on CCTV, provide entrance and gate security, and send out mobile patrols to look for intruders.

Our estate security services

Security Guards

Our security officers are licensed and insured members who will give a professional service to assist your business with all of its security requirements.

CCTV Monitoring

Our trained CCTV operators can help provide full visual coverage of your corporate offices allowing for rapid response to any incidents.

Real Time Patrol Monitoring

Our real time patrol monitoring software allows us to track patrol routes and quickly respond to any issues that arise.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Our teams can provide rapid alarm response day or night to ensure that your property is always adequately protected. They can ensure your safety during any incident and provide rapid containment and response to any event that triggers your alarm system.

Access Control

Access control is provided by our security staff to prevent unauthorized access people have access to your premises. This includes entrance and door management, as well as rigorous screening of guests, such as supplementary personnel, tradesmen, and anybody else who might pose a security risk..

Our estate security teams have all received extensive training in accordance with global standards. Our crews are made up of retired and informal security staff who have had extensive training in estate security. Coalition will collaborate with you to build a comprehensive strategic plan for your assets, recognizing and safeguarding all vulnerable ports of entry to reduce the dangers to your property and people.

We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form.

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