For more than twenty years, Coalition has offered a comprehensive range of standing and moving security guard services throughout Kenya.On numerous occasions, we successfully dispatched our highly skilled and experienced squad of security guard dogs and dog handlers as either the most effective solution to a specific security risk, or, in the majority of situations, the most cost-effective alternative for our clientele.

According to some research, one security dog paired with a competent security officer who is a dog handler is just as efficient as three independent security staff under certain situations.

We always will collaborate with our customers during a preliminary security review to provide a comprehensive security solution that is appropriate for the situation.
We have the expertise, manpower, and highly-trained security dogs to carry out the work at hand if canine security is the easiest alternative.


Superior Perceptual Capacities

A guard dog’s instincts are highly sophisticated.A dog is well-equipped for guarding responsibilities, with an olfactory receptors that is up to 10,000 times stronger than a typical human, vastly improved night and motion vision, and hearing that is considered to be four times more acute from ours.

Deterrents that are both visible and discernible:

The concept that only a dog poses a bodily danger to a prospective invader, as well as the reality that a dog will issue a very noisy audible signal in the guise of barking, is an incredibly effective disincentive to thieves seeking to gain entry to property or facilities where a guard dog is present.

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Scenarios in which Guard Dogs are Appropriate


As detection dogs, we use guard dogs who have received specialized skills.Different circumstances, this might be to indicate the existence of drugs, explosives, or just about any type of security hazard.

Private Estates:

Our dog scouts keep an eye out for prospective invaders and protect privately owned land.
They act as an audiovisual hindrance to anyone contemplating access.A perpetrator will most probably shift on to a more convenient victim.

Large Sites:

When the entire area must be patrolled, the far more effective strategy is to use a guard dog.
A canine can traverse a lot of land in a matter of minutes and, thanks to its increased abilities, can locate invaders from afar and react quickly.

Night-Time Security:

Our guarding dogs are especially beneficial at night because of their increased awareness.Suspicious disturbances or motions are promptly noticed, and the security officer is immediately notified.Our guard canines are educated and dependable enough to assess circumstances and move quickly to the alerting phase.

Scouring in elevated-crime or busy zones:

The additional soothing effects of a guard dog is typically a strength – related aspect in congested circumstances that could become contentious with the possibility to intensify.

Our Dog Handler & Security Services Team

All of our security personnel at Coalition Security are professionally accredited and licensed to perform front-line security tasks.Our dog handlers are required to complete extra training in order to achieve certification as a Level 2 General Purpose Dog Handler.
Many of our employees have substantial and appropriate skills and experience from the army or the service.To learn how we can assist you with any part of dog-assisted security guarding, please contact us immediately.
We can be reached by email(, phone (+254754708020), or our online form below.

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