Coalition Security Services measures on combating COVID-19

In the event a staff member prohibits symptoms similar to COVID-19 symptoms, the patient should;

  • Call the control room and describe the symptoms experienced
  • Retire from the area of service
  • The rescue control should asses the patients condition with the described symptoms
  • Equipped ambulance should be dispatched for further medic assesments
  • If sysmptoms persiost and are similar to COVID-19 then the patient should be taken to the nearest Government hospital

Self search policy is enforced at all point sto help combat the spread of COVID-19

  • Request the client  to alight and implements health screening procedures.
  • Conduct thermal check and if temperature is below 37.5 degrees the individual should not be granted access.
  • Proceed to ask the individuals health questions concerning their health conditions
  • Proceed to check the vehicle: open doors and boots for inspection.
  • Ask the client to sanitise before being granted access and record their detals upon  entry.
  • Ensure clients maintain the required safe distance of 1.5 meters while on queues.
  • Conduct thermal check and if temperature excedds 37.5 degrees, deny entry
  • Proceed to ask the individual health question and if COVID-19 symptoms are experienced from assessment, deny entry.
  • Request clients client to display the contents of their bag and proceed to inspect
  • Search for contrabands and security threats
  • Direct client to walk through metal detector
  • Request client to sanitise then proceed to record their details.
  • Sanitise the search surface after every search

Coalition Security Services Ltd. staffs are issued with cloth masks. This is to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In addition to this, some assignments may necessitate issuance of additional safety protective gears ie. gloves, face shields, googles etc


Tests conducted
Confirmed positive cases