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About Us

CSS was established in 2012 by retired officers of the Kenya Defence Force and National Police Service. Their word class training and thorough understanding of security makes CSS a uniquely experienced company.

As one of the industry’s leading security companies and a member of Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK), CSS emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to the provision of commercial security services differentiates it from other organisations operating in the sector.

Our approach


Coalition Security Service is committed to providing exceptional security services by delivering personalized, high - quality and cost efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients as well as provide revenue for the local community.


To be the leading Security Company in Kenya and strive to exceed our client’s needs by going above and beyond, followed with an aggressive expansion into the remainder of East and Central Africa.

USP strategy .

Our strategy for delivery against our mission statement is rooted on our thorough understanding of the markets needs and dynamics with ability to formulate and deliver practical solutions per excellence.

At CSS we recognise the importance of our security team in providing a customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. CSS believes that the key to providing a first class service lies with investing in the workforce which is why each and every one of our personnel have and will continue to acquire the professional knowledge and skills required to perform their tasks and will implement them while striving continuously to perfect their personal and collective achievements.

By making a continuous effort towards the personal and professional development of the CSS Team, we have achieved a greater level of staff motivation and customer satisfaction.

More reasons to choose us

Key competencies

Proficiency in weapons, unarmed combat, physical fitness, ability to conduct thorough threat assessment, protective escort, and defensive driving


As security experts, with a remarkable reputation for professional competence, in or fields of expertise, CSS extends consultancy as a standalone service or procedurally, as a prelude to any sought security solutions.

Routine rotation

Security officers get rotated by the site once every few hours across posts while on shift for maximum activity alertness. At a broader level, to prevent familiarity and in line with career progression and experience building, guards get transferred at least once a year over long distance and thrice a year across a cluster of projects within their AORs (Areas of responsibility).

Situation reports

We don’t deploy and forget, we document site activity and are sent as routine daily situation reports, flash messages in case of incidences and monthly situation summaries. Clients are therefore enabled to proactively make decisions on pinpointed threats. We give timely updates on the security situations, including collaborated arrangements to defraud, which has been very vital in our engagement with Equator bottlers..

Site & visits

We conduct both announced and unannounced visits to ensure the reliability and quality of service. Clients’ visit both on request and arranged will be ushered to for appraisal and other confidential discussion aimed at keeping service levels well above par.

Close protection

Admitted to this unit are individuals who have earned their right of entry by having and demonstrating at least five years of past experience in close protection (Police CP unit Army AD). These individual’s role is keeping the principals out of harm’s way, static or mobile

Quality control

: Regular unpredictably patterned supervision keeps the guards in line as well as delivering on-site training. It also guarantees alertness with increased activity and proof of attendance.


Thorough contingency planning to support extra cover as when required, ensuring cover for all illness and other requirements.

Selection / recruitment

At CSS, nobody picks or chooses a candidate. The selection process starts with the selection team puts out word of upcoming selection via print media, postings on the company website and liaison with target areas like local administration. Our basis of selection is 100% corruption free, fair (free from favoritism, tribalism or discrimination of any nature)


The training is famed and merited for its ability to not only push individual candidates to achieve their full potential, but keenly analyze them for unique strengths that are then refined throughout the process and eventually employed relevantly to achieve excellence. Subsequently, once deployed a follow up on their performance is keenly evaluated and those found wanting are referred for refresher training

Personal GSM alarms

In order to ensure safety of our security Guards/officers, we employ this system to detect unusual behaviors of the Security Guards/Officers. It is also linked to the satellite friendly forces, police and response teams.

Security listing

As one of the industry’s leading security companies and a member of several security bodies. We are registered, accredited by several bodies and recognized by the United Nations. We are listed by the following bodies; UN- United Nations, PSIA – Private Security Industry Association, Prosak- Protective and safety Association of Kenya