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Coalition Security Services(CSS) is a family of special breeds of operatives bringing together retired Kenya Defence Forces officers and National Police Service with world class training and thorough understanding of security, individuals from other security agencies and high end corporate world, all bound by a common eagerness: thirst for security

The idea of building CSS was informed by the worrying gap existing due to the failure or lack of reliable security outfit to complement and supplement government efforts to provide adequate security to private entities

Our Business motive is to improve on the current status of the security and its challenges using the latest methods, using the current technology in cooperation with the high advanced technology system currently in the market,we also specilized in the usage of technologies in investigation, man guarding, electronic guarding

CSS has been able to capitalize on the strength of the composition and warm working relationships with security organs including elite intelligence units. This ensures anticipation and neutralization of identified threats with emphasis on the bigger picture and general threats that will always define the existence and guidance of specific threats

Our address:
Manyanja Rd, Opp East End Academy,Plot No 905
E-mail: info@csskenya.co.ke
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